BREAKING: Arizona PBS To Defy The Arizona Clean Elections Commission, Allow Katie Hobbs One-On-One Interview In Place Of Debate – Kari Lake Releases ‘Statement On PBS’ Betrayal’

Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Katie Hobbs

Arizona PBS has decided to go against the Arizona Clean Elections Commission by offering Democrat Katie Hobbs a 30-minute interview, in place of a debate, despite the commission’s rejection of this proposal from the Hobbs campaign.

Arizona PBS has partnered with the Clean Elections Commission to host the Arizona general election debates. According to Arizona PBS,

Arizona PBS, a community service of Arizona State University, will partner with the Citizens Clean Elections Commission, the state’s nonpartisan voter education agency, to host a series of general election debates in the coming weeks.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the Arizona Clean Elections Commission previously rejected Democrat Katie Hobbs’ proposal to change the gubernatorial debate into a forum with separate interviews for Katie Hobbs and Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake.

Katie Hobbs’ Campaign Manager Refuses To Provide Acceptable Debate Format To Arizona Clean Elections Commission – Kari Lake Rep. Censored By Commission

Kari Lake asked the Clean Elections Commission to leave the invitation to tonight’s debate open until the moment it begins so that if Hobbs decides to gather the courage, she may join Lake on the debate stage.

However, Arizona PBS — a leftwing Arizona State University service — is in Katie Hobbs’ pocket, and they circumvented the commission they were supposedly “partnered with.”

Additionally, Arizona PBS allowed Radical Left Fake News reporter Stacey Barchenger from Arizona Republic — the same fake news outlet that Democrat Attorney General nominee Kris Mayes previously reported with — to moderate the Arizona Attorney General debate with Ted Simons.

Barchenger and PBS further failed to disclose this conflict of interest in the totally biased debate.

According to fake news Hack Brahm Resnik, the AZ Clean Elections Commission responded, “we don’t have any information about PBS’s decision-making.”

PBS has killed the clean elections debates with this absolute bs move. Why would any candidate ever agree to a debate again if they know that they can get away with refusing and still get their own half-hour interview?

Not only is this incredibly biased toward Katie Hobbs, but it sets a horrible precedent for future debates.

The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday on an undercover sting operation by Project Veritas Action, which gave more insight into why Katie Hobbs is too scared to debate Kari Lake and exposed the radical leftist’s plan to confiscate Arizona gun rights.

BREAKING VIDEO: Project Veritas Action Hits Radical Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs With Undercover Sting – Exposes Her Plan to Confiscate Guns (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on Katie Hobbs’ proven record of racism and her two unanimous jury convictions for racial discrimination while serving as an Arizona State Legislator.

More recently, The Gateway Pundit reported on new photos showing that Katie Hobbs participated in and led her high school’s ‘slave day’ tradition, where students were led around by collar and chain to be sold off at auctions just like the Democratic slave trade of the 1800s.

BREAKING: PHOTOS Show Democrat Katie Hobbs Embracing Slavery In High School, Where Students Led Shackled Students by Collar and Chain

Additionally, we reported that Katie Hobbs recently appeared at a Hispanic gubernatorial forum where she struggled and fumbled her words when asked to name one good thing about the Hispanic community in Arizona.

Will PBS ask Katie Hobbs about her disgusting racist actions?

Will they ask Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s current Secretary of State, what happened in the Pinal County County Primary Election, where Republicans were literally turned away from the polls because they ran out of ballots?

The Gateway Pundit reported on the massive Primary Election discrepancies under Hobbs’ watch.

BREAKING: Reports That Pinal And Pima County DO NOT Have Enough GOP Ballots In More Than 20 Precincts For AZ Primary Voters – Election Integrity Issues In Arizona’s 3 LARGEST Counties

Kari Lake released the following statement bashing the leftwing state-ran media outlet and indicating that she will continue working with the Clean Elections Commission and pushing them to hold a real debate.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 12th, 2022

Kari Lake Statement on PBS’ Betrayal
“We just learned hours before airtime of tonight’s Clean Elections Commission debate that PBS has unilaterally caved to Katie Hobbs’ demands and bailed her out from the consequences of her cowardly decision to avoid debating me on stage. As the CEC’s broadcast partner, PBS’ actions are a slap in the face to the commissioners of the CEC and a betrayal of their efforts to put on an actual debate. Remember, the CEC specifically voted against Katie Hobbs’ demand for her own one-on-one interview, but PBS went behind the CEC’s backs and agreed to give her one anyway. That’s because PBS, a supposedly-objective taxpayer-funded entity, is working overtime to help elect Katie Hobbs, who needs all the help she can get. PBS has now become complicit in Katie Hobbs’ attempt to destroy twenty years of gubernatorial debate tradition. We are actively working with the Clean Elections Commission and we continue to push for an opportunity for a real debate with both candidates on stage.”

Kari Lake will appear in an interview tonight with Arizona PBS at 5 pm MST in place of the gubernatorial debate that Hobbs refused to participate in.

Kari Lake will hold a press conference in response to PBS’s move to allow Katie Hobbs’ debate dodge outside of the PBS headquarters at 4 pm MST.

The Gateway Pundit will provide coverage of Kari Lake’s presser and the interview, which is expected to be another outright Fake News attack on Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake.

The Arizona deep-state media is actively working for Katie Hobbs in this election.

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