Here We Go: NBC Reporters Claim “Voter ID Laws Disproportionately Impact Trans People” (VIDEO)

Six days before the midterm elections, NBC reporters claimed on Wednesday that transgender voters faced more voting restrictions in states with strict voter ID laws.

NBC’s Savannah Sellers and Joe Fryer claimed that transgender voters are disproportionately affected by voter identification laws.

“Voters are concerned they might be blocked from casting their ballot,” said Fryer.

“Yes, that’s because a growing number of states are enforcing stricter voter identification laws that disproportionately impact the community,” Sellers said.

While the rest of the world goes for strict voter ID laws, the Democrats and fake news media in the US go for wide-open elections where no voter ID is necessary, for that matter no proof of citizenship is necessary as well.

Jo Yurcaba, a reporter for NBC OUT, the LGBTQ+ section at NBC News Digital, claimed that voter ID laws are hurting transgender voters.

“Voter ID laws disproportionately impact trans people because trans people are more likely to have IDs without the name that they go by and the gender marker that reflects how they present,” Yurcaba said when asked how voter ID create obstacles for transgender people.

“Research shows just over 200,000 eligible trans voters in 31 states that conduct their elections mostly in person and require or request ID at the polls don’t have IDs that reflect their gender identity and the names they go by.”

“The states with the strictest voter ID laws are mostly concentrated in the south and midwest. Tennessee, Wisconsin, Kansas,” she added.

Watch the video below:

Last year, Rasmussen Reports said that a national telephone and online survey found that 74% of voters support the photo ID requirement and 90% of American voters are concerned with election cheating.

This poll comes after months of Democrats pushing for unlimited voting access to any person who walks into a polling station or drops a stack of ballots into a Zuckerbucks ballot box.

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